Grilling Tips

Traditional & Infrared Grilling Tips
Direct Cooking

For grilling⁄searing steaks, chops, burgers, sausages, fish fillets, chicken parts or shish-ka-bobs. Your MHP Gas Grill is designed to cook with the lid closed, except for quick searing or more of a char flavor. Close lid to finish grilling and to retain natural juices, moisture.

Indirect (using one side of burner)

For roasts, ribs, ham, whole chicken, turkey, game or whole fish. Using the indirect heat method, turn on one side of burner, then place food on the cooking grid over the side of burner that's not lit.

Indirect (with water pan)

An aluminum foil pan is centered on the briquettes to moderate the temperature and to add moisture and flavor. Fill the pan with water or other ingredients, (such as wine, juices, herbs, spices, etc). The cooking juices from the food drops into the water pan. A savory water vapor is created and absorb into the food.

Traditional Grilling Tips
Pan Roasting

To cook large cuts of meat, pot roast, turkey, whole chickens, duckling, game or ham in natural juices or seasoning. Place aluminum roasting pan on top of cooking grid. For extra flavor, add your favorite vegetables, or wine, or juice, garlic,and onions to the drip pan. Use liquid to baste or as a gravy.

Smoke Cooking (addition of wood chips or chunks)

Ordinary meat, whole fish, poultry and game becomes a taste sensation when smoked. Using the water pan technique and your favorite wood soaked in water for several hours. Place chips in the convenient MHP reusable box directly on briquettes along side of water pan.


Poultry, lamb, beef and pork retain their flavor when spit-roasted. Meat is rotated over the heat keeping it constantly bathed in its own juices, ensuring that all sides become done at one time. A drip pan can be used to collect the drippings for basting or gravy.

Infrared Grilling Tips
  1. Infrared gas grills get very hot. Do not leave food unattended on the grill for any length of time.
  2. Estimate cooking times to be 30% to 50% less than a conventional grill.
  3. Always thaw food thoroughly before cooking to achieve better, more predictable results.
  4. Always use long handled grill tools for grilling. A grilling mitt may be useful for handling hot items.
  5. The use of a fork is not recommended for grilling on your new MHP grill. A fork may mar the surface of the cooking grids. Piercing foods while cooking will allow the juices to escape, causing the finished product to be drier than may be desired.
  6. To minimize flare-up, trim fat from meats or remove skin from poultry.
  7. If a flare-up occurs, do not try to control it with water. Water can cause burner damage. Instead, move the food to another part of the grill, lower the heat setting or place food on the Secondary Cooking Surface.Burner Failure Caused By Water Damage Is Not Covered Under Warranty.
  8. Cooking can be done with the hood opened or closed. With the hood open, the heat will be less intense with less flavor. With the hood closed, the heat will be more intense with an increase in the smoke flavor.
  9. Allow the grill to heat up for 5 minutes on high before cooking.
  10. Place the food on the SearMagic® cooking grids - while the grill is on high - to sear the food thoroughly. Searing is the key to locking in the juices for that delicious grilled flavor.
  11. After searing for 2-3 minutes per side, lower the temperature to finish cooking the food as desired.
  12. The SearMagic® cooking grids allow for greater versatility when grilling. Chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops or hamburgers can be seared over the ribbed side at a higher temperature. Delicate foods like seafood and vegetables can be cooked over a lower temperature with the smooth side up. This can be done over each of the 3 burners independently, so be as creative as you want to be!
  13. The Secondary Cooking Surface is more than just a warming rack. Very delicate items, such as stuffed vegetables, sausages and delicate fish can be grilled, even with the intense heat that infrared burners provide.
  14. Never cook over an unlit infrared burner. The drippings could cause the burner to crack when relit. Always use a drip pan to protect the unlit burner when cooking indirectly Burner Failure Caused By Cooking Over An Unlit, Unprotected Burner Is Not Covered Under Warranty.
  15. To clean the grill after cooking, burn all 4 burners on high for at least 5 minutes with the hood closed. With the grill still on high, clean the grids with a long-handled brass bristle brush. Then use the supplied Forked Grid Tool to clean the valley areas between the main rungs. Regular cleaning will ensure optimum performance of you MHP Infrared Gas Grill.